Intermediate Macroeconomics ( S.S. 2017)

Ruhr University Bochum – Summer Semester 2017

This module deepens and extends your knowledge of macroeconomics acquired in “Foundations of Macroeconomics (Grundlagen der Makroökonomik)”. Most of the covered concepts and models are already known from the Foundations. We will cover the simple Keynesian macroeconomic models as well as the IS-LM model. Furthermore, the Phillips curve, models of expectations and the Solow growth model will be covered. As a practical application, we look at fiscal dynamics and the consequences of the Maastricht Treaty. In this module you will learn how these models can be implemented and analyzed in Excel spreadsheets. By working with numerical simulations you acquire a good intuition of the dynamics in macroeconomic models.

Introduction to Economic Dynamics I

Introduction to Economic Dynamics II

Stability analysis – redux

Demand and Supply Dynamics I

Demand and Supply Dynamics II

Simple Keynesian Dynamics I

Simple Keynesian Dynamics II

Unemployment and Inflation Dynamics I

Unemployment and Inflation Dynamics II