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Realising Central Banks’ Climate Ambitions Through Financial Stability Mandates

Intereconomics – Review of European Political Economy | 2022

D’Orazio P., Popoyan L.


What explains the emergence and diffusion of climate- related financial policies in G20 countries?

SUERF Policy Brief, No 254 | December 2021

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Prudential responses to COVID-19 in G20 countries: a missed opportunity to enhance “green” financial policy and regulations?

SUERF Policy Brief, No 186 | September 2021

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Mapping the emergence and diffusion of climate-related financial policies: Evidence from a cluster analysis on G20 countries

 International Economics | 2021

D’Orazio P.


Towards a post-pandemic policy framework to manage climate-related financial risks and resilience

Climate Policy | 2021

D’Orazio P.


Mobilising investments in renewable energy in Germany: which role for public investment banks?

Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment | 2020

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Fostering green investments and tackling climate-related financial risks: which role for macroprudential policies? 

Ecological Economics | 2019

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Income inequality, consumer debt, and prudential regulation: An agent-based approach to study the emergence of crises and financial instability

Economic Modelling | 2019

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The role of finance in environmental innovation diffusion: an evolutionary modeling approach

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization | 2018

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Big Data and Complexity: is Macroeconomics heading towards a new paradigm?

Journal of Economic Methodology | 2017

D’Orazio P.


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