Dataset on green macroprudential regulations

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The dataset presented in this article contains the data gathered when surveying the existing “green” macroprudential regulations and instruments. Official central banks’ documents, as well as financial institutions reports, have been considered. In particular, for the selected high, middle and low-income countries surveyed, the dataset contains information on the type of regulation, the institution responsible for its implementation or promotion, the official reference and the related link to the document as of October 2018.

The dataset is available at this link:

Value of the data
• The dataset described in this article is of use for the scientific community as it is the first centralized collection of public data on the usage of green macroprudential tools, their juridical reference, and objective, as well as central banks’ governance type and mandates.

• The data described in this article can be used to identify and understand current and future trends, and the role of central banks and regulators, in sustainable finance.

• The green macroprudential dataset and statistics presented in this article are critical to understanding the direction and diffusion of greening prudential regulations, and the role of central banks in the low-carbon transition.

• It is essential that data on the usage and diffusion of green prudential tools are updated and made available to the researchers, considering the actively evolving debate on the adoption of such instruments and their implementation in different institutional setup worldwide.


                                                                               Figure: The diffusion of green macroprudential regulation
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