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D’Orazio, P., What explains the emergence and diffusion of climate-related financial policies in G20 countries? “Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières” – SUERF Policy Brief, No 254, December 2021

Available at https://www.suerf.org/docx/f_d56aaddcafb45e8a8e01b5a76e4b2e0f_38623_suerf.pdf

D’Orazio, P., Prudential responses to COVID-19 in G20 countries: a missed opportunity to enhance “green” financial policy and regulations? “Société Universitaire Européenne de Recherches Financières” – SUERF Policy Brief, No 186, September 2021

Available at https://www.suerf.org/docx/f_565b7e1332c5d26362dd2487ea625746_33295_suerf.pdf

D’Orazio, P., Popoyan, L. and Monnin, P., Prudential Regulation Can Help in Tackling Climate Change, Council on Economic Policies, 13 February 2019

Available at https://www.cepweb.org/prudential-regulation-can-help-in-tackling-climate-change/

D’Orazio, P., Popoyan, L., Wie man Basel III grün machen kann, Makronom magazine, June, 13th 2019

Available at https://makronom.de/klimawandel-green-finance-wie-man-basel-iii-gruen-machen-kann-31539

D’Orazio, P., Popoyan, L., La sfida del cambiamento climatico: quale ruolo per le banche centrali?, Il sole 24 ore, Econopoly, June, 26th 2019

Available at https://www.econopoly.ilsole24ore.com/2019/06/26/cambiamento-climatico-banche-centrali/

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