About Me

Paola D’Orazio

I am a researcher and lecturer at the Chair of Macroeconomics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, with affiliations also to the Research Department of Closed Carbon Cycle Economics (RD CCCE) and the Centrum für Umweltmanagement, Ressourcen und Energie (CURE).

I serve as Associate Editor at the Eurasian Economic Review (EAER) and PLOS Sustainability and Transformation.

My research focuses on the role of central banks and financial regulators in promoting stability and a low-carbon transition and examines the connections between finance, green growth, and environmental innovation through a complexity economics lens.

My research areas include Agent-based Economics and Simulation, Complexity Economics, Green Central Banking and Financial Supervision, Macroeconomics, Monetary and Financial Economics, and Sustainable Finance.